eRadio launches its own App for Android

eRadio today (Thursday 27 August 2020) launched its very own smartphone App, available free of charge, on the Google Playstore (Android).

“Using the latest AAC+ technology, the audio stream will use minimal data for those who do not have the luxury of uncapped internet or Wi-Fi hotspots, so you don’t have to worry about the stream chewing all your precious data. The beauty of the AAC+ format is that it does not compromise on quality, even though it uses data sparingly,” says Eon Engelbrecht, Founder of eRadio SA.

Main Features of the App include:

*Push Notifications – Sending important pop-up notifications directly to listeners

* #NowPlaying – The listener can easily see the details of the current song that’s playing – The Artist Name and Song Title will be displayed on the main player screen.

*Podcasts: Missed an insert or program? Listen again using our Podcast feature. You can also read more about our featured guests.

*Social Media Integration: The app is linked to eRadio’s social media profiles Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to make sharing easy.

The app will be updated and expanded frequently and an app exclusive to iPhone users is also in the pipeline.

Download the app here

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