Greatness Coaching with Heidi M – Episode 2- Procrastination

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This week’s topic is procrastination.

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About Heidi M:

Heidi M is consciously competent, multi-skilled, creative, authentic, has a great love for people & was born to make sense of any situation.

With an B.A. Degree in Education and an Honours Degree in Drama, she spent decades studying human beviour whilst preparing for and performing a myriad of different roles in TV, Film, Radio & Stage.

Gaining international accreditation in Neuro-Linguistic Programming as well as international accreditation as Life Coach seemed like the logical next step… for Heidi anyway.

Heidi M is equally comfortable practicing in English as she is Afrikaans. Greatness Coaching is about discovering/unleashing/revealing the greatness (that is already) in you.

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