Why I believe Rock has a good chance of being mainstream again


I’m simply proud to be a young person who listens to the young people’s music of previous generations. I feel like the music industry ignores the rock genre in terms of new bands and songs coming out, even if a new band comes out it’s more modern pop than rock (Imagine Dragons, etc). But after seeing how passionate the rock community is, especially for young people, I believe (and hope) that rock, alternative, and metal will be mainstream again, a la the 1990s.

This post touches a belief: why I believe the people of this generation will someday usher in a new Rock generation.

1. Rock is ideal for young people who don’t want to listen to modern pop music and find hip-hop not their taste: This is why I got into rock. Once I got tired of all the popular songs on the radio and in stores, I found rock as something I actually wanted to listen to instead of what was just on the radio as standard. I went on 80s on 8 and discovered guitar solos, synth, and skilled musicians like Eddie Van Halen and Phil Collins. I discovered 90s greats like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Guns n Roses, and Nirvana.
2. Rock is great for those who want to hear real voices. In an era where you can’t understand the constant altering and weird tinkering of artists nowadays, the pre-2000s stuff was during a time before all of that.
3. Rock is for those who appreciate instruments. Because guitars, good synth, bass, and drums sound good. Most modern sounds is just bad synth and boring beats.
4. Rock is retro. I am proud of this generation, despite modern music’s popularity, to quite simply, be the most retro-loving generation ever. And this is probably the best reason why I believe a new era of rock will arrive.


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