I’m trying to find an obscure band/music group that I saw ONCE a couple years ago as part of an event and can’t find them again, looking to be pointed in the right direction


I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post this here but I don’t really think it’s TOMT so whatever, delete if it breaks rules or something.

I know this band travels the east coast, and of the musicians I remember in it, there’s a lady who does percussion, notably a rain drum, a youngish man with a collection of cedar flute-one large flute has a turtle on it, and I think a older, white haired man who plays a guitar? I went to an America Camps, or something event, cuz if anyone says “camp” I’m all over it and they did like a campfire musical storytelling thing and then it was like they promptly yeeted themselves out of my head. 🙁 I would love to hear them again or know what they’re up to. I just can’t get the grey blob in my head to retrieve their name.

To anyone who even attempts to help me on this thanks, I know it’s obscure and kind of weird but, I figure, y’all are the experts. One of you just might know. Thanks again.


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