Why doesn’t music as an industry feel the need to advertise?


This question kinda knocked me over when I was looking up something and stumbled across a magazine spot from 1973 for Tales from Topographic Oceans. I thought to myself, have I ever seen an even semi traditional advertisement for a song or album? Like, a commercial or magazine spot or even an ad before a youtube video or as a banner? I usually only see posts from online news outlets, for instance, about how such and such an album has released, stuff like that. I guess Spotify would bug you for ages about whatever they’re peddaling this week?

The other thing that surprised me is particularly on old jazz albums, there used to be big amounts of space dedicated to either a block of text about the album or just plain text selling it to you. Since the 80s at least it seems like some art and a track list is all anyone feels the need to put back there.

So why doesn’t music as an industry advertise the way say, video games or films do?


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