I made an app to help you discover new music on Spotify!


I have been a long time Spotify user and regularly make playlists for different moods, activities or situations. So, I desperately wanted a feature to help me discover new music based on these playlists as well as generate customized ones, so I decided to build one!

Using remixr, you can generate new playlists based on your existing Spotify playlists as well as based on different artists and tracks. You can also fine tune various attributes such as popularity, mood, energy, danceability, etc. to generate the perfect playlist for you!

I hope you enjoy the app and please feel free to leave any feedback or suggestions you might have. The project is also open source and great for first time developers looking to contribute!

Please check out remixr on ProductHunt and upvote if you enjoyed it: [https://www.producthunt.com/posts/remixr](https://www.producthunt.com/posts/remixr)

Remixr: [https://www.remixr.xyz](https://www.remixr.xyz/)

Github: [https://www.github.com/rtkg12/remixr](https://www.github.com/rtkg12/remixr)



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