Master KG Questions Ntsiki Mazwai’s Motives For Suggesting Jerusalema Belongs To Nomcebo Zikode


Master KG Questions Ntsiki Mazwai’s Motives 

Master KG Questions Ntsiki Mazwai's Motives 
Nomcebo Zikode And Master KG


Man of the moment and popular music producer Master KG has questioned Ntsiki Mazwai’s motives after the poet raised a stink over the ownership of the global hit song Jerusalema.

The outspoken poet and musician lit a powder keg when she joined a discussion on the ownership of the viral hit song. Respected rights activist Beverley Palesa Ditsie had decried what she termed the ‘erasure of black women.’ To illustrate her point, Ditsie highlighted that while Nomcebo Zikode did the vocals for Jerusalema she does not get any recognition for her immense contribution to the song.

She went on to suggest that the hit song is Nomcebo’s and that instead of referring to it as Jerusalema by Master KG featuring Nomcebo Zikode, it should be Jerusalema by Nomcebo Zikode featuring Master KG.

Dietsie said,

We’ve so normalized the erasure of black women that it’s happening right in front of our eyes and we don’t blink.

The whole fucking world sings along to a woman’s voice and we don’t even mention her name.

So let’s fix it.

Jerusalema by Nomcebo feat Master KG


Master KG Questions Ntsiki Mazwai's Motives 
Master KG Questions Ntsiki Mazwai’s Motives


The outspoken Ntsiki Mazwai joined in the discussion suggesting that it should be a 50/50 split since Master KG did the beat while Nomcebo Zikode did the vocals. For some reason, Ntsiki also said that she hoped that Master KG had paid Nomcebo in full for the session. She did not explain what she was basing this on.

Writing on social media, Ntsiki Mazwai said,

Master Kg did the beat
Nomcebo did the vocals.

That’s a 50/50 split

And I hope master Kg paid her for the session ke since it’s his song only.

Master KG initially chose to ignore the discussion. However, hours later he addressed the allegations and questioned Ntsiki Mazwai’s motives over the matter. He questioned why Ntsiki has never questioned the ownership of other songs in the world in which artists feature.

Responding to the poet’s tweet, Master KG said,

There’s so many songs in this world Where people are Featured I never saw you or anyone saying this..Or is thers something behind what you saying..Anyway Bless up my Sister one Love.

Ntsiki is yet to respond to Master KG’s questions.

Ntsiki is yet to respond to Master KG’s question.


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