Zondo ‘violating the constitution’, says Edward Zuma


In response, Edward called Zondo’s actions a publicity stunt.

“Such was totally uncalled for. Can South Africans for one moment just think and ask, ‘Was this really necessary?’

“Citizens, the Zondo theatrics are not about Cde JZ, they are about Zondo and his self preservation strategy,” read Edward’s statement.

Edward also accused Zondo of letting his anger cloud his judgment.

“His anger with the former president should not suppress his judicial judgment as we know that the anger is also exacerbated by his common relationship with the former president through a particular child the DCJ fathers,” the statement read.

On Wednesday, Zuma’s foundation also accused Zondo of using Zuma’s name to position himself for the top position in the Constitutional Court — that of chief justice. It also said that Zondo was “obsessed” with Zuma.

The commission’s spokesperson Rev Mbuyiselo Stemela said: “DCJ does not intend to respond to, or,  comment on the statement.”



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