What’s the deal with remixes? How come it’s acceptable in some genres of music (e.g. electronic) to take someone else’s song and change the beat and resell it? Do the creators of songs make the underlying sound tracks available to others?


I’m really wondering about complete overhauls of a song that are common in electronic music genres. The business model or artistic culture of creators in that space seems to allow for people to endlessly release permutations of a song, whereas remixes in other genres seem to be more limited to collaborations with the original artist and are limited to one or two.

What is it about the electronic artists or market that makes doing this so much more common? Is anyone allowed to remix a song? Do all these remixes have the consent of the original artist or label? Considering that many electronic songs are themselves sampled from other things, how does that even work? How can an artist obtain the high quality tracks (vocals, percussion, etc.) to use when making their own versions?


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