Can I call myself a musician?


OK, I’m at a bit of a crossroads here. So I’ll put the whole thing to you, and you tell me what your conclusion is… If you want to that is!
I (28, F) have currently been out of work since March due to Covid etc. I live with my partner (29, M), he is a full time musician for the last 12 years (streets, bars, clubs, weddings, now we both live on in a tourist destination in Europe, we are both Irish).
He plays the guitar, the banjo, the tin whistle, drums, he is a multi-instrumentalist. He also sings, and has performed as a solo act for the last 2 years.

I am a classically trained violinist, I started learned at age 4 and by age 14 was the youngest person to get into the National Youth Orchestra of Ireland playing violin. I am also a classically trained pianist, starting at the same age, but ending once I joined the orchestra. I stopped playing around age 17 or 18, I was going to college, life got in the way, but I did sing throughout school and college in several bands.
At age 20 I was also teaching piano and violin to children up to the age of 15. I prepared a group of 12 children for a violin recital, and they performed on a stage locally. It was lovely actually.

Fast forward to present day, as my partner and I have both been out of work since March, we have had to try and make an income so we do live gigs on Facebook, 3 hour sets, twice a week. He takes the first half and I join him for the second half and we sing together and he accompanies me on guitar or banjo. It has been our only source of income for 7 months, the tips it brings in has paid the rent, the electricity, everything.

He has been trying to teach me to play the violin by ear, which is hard for me because I am used to sight reading. Anyways, we want to continue working together because we sound awesome when we sing, we have some really beautiful solid harmonies, I adore singing and my whole life I’ve wanted to persue a career in music and sing and play on a stage. So that is our goal.

Now, the question that I put to you is, do I have any right to call myself a musician?

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this!


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