In Joe Biden, the Democrats picked the worst candidate to debate Donald Trump


Comfortable in his through-the-looking-glass world, the President defended himself against claims he paid only $750 in federal taxes in his first year in the White House by saying only “stupid” businessmen reject tax loopholes.

Describing coronavirus as the “China plague”; labelling New York under its Democrat mayor a “ghost town,” failing to condemn white supremacists, Mr Trump debated as he has governed: with an unshakeable confidence which brooks no opposition. 

He broke every rule agreed by the two campaigns, interrupted repeatedly, failed to abide by agreed time limits, shouted over and bullied the moderator and told repeated falsehoods. None of this was new to America – or to Joe Biden.

Yet the Democratic candidate floundered where almost any of his former rivals for the nomination would have flourished.

It would have been interesting to see how the dynamic vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris would have fared against Mr Trump, or Pete Buttigieg or even Elizabeth Warren. 

Unfortunately for the Democrats, they have lumbered themselves with Sleepy Joe Biden.

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