Universities can return to 100% attendance: Blade Nzimande


Nzimande said since the easing of lockdown regulations, the department had issued 245,652 students with permits to be  on campus for teaching and learning.

He said on a daily basis, 70,815 students and staff members were screened entering university campuses in the two-week period between September 8 and 22.

Nzimande said they were now monitoring their systems to check the likelihood of institutions effectively completing the academic year while providing all students with a fair opportunity of success.

“We therefore colour red for institutions that are at a high risk for not completing the academic year effectively; orange for those who are at a medium risk; and green for those who are on track to complete.

“I’m pleased to say that my department has held one-on-one engagements with all those institutions who were at high or medium risk of completion and has been providing ongoing support.”

He said since September 17, no institution was considered high-risk.

“It is anticipated that as students return to campus with the move to level 1, the teaching and learning programme will advance more rapidly, with catch-up programmes for students who have not been able to engage satisfactorily to be implemented,” he said.

“In terms of completion of the 2020 academic year, 10 universities aim to complete the academic year before the end of the 2020 calendar year, four universities plan to end in January 2021, seven universities plan to complete in February 2021, and five universities plan to complete in March 2021.”



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