6 things you need to know from Naledi Pandor announcing the easing of travel restrictions


Travellers from all African countries are allowed into SA but certain countries from beyond the continent are not, says minister of international relations and co-operation Naledi Pandor.

On Wednesday, ahead of the reopening of international borders, Pandor provided more information on international travel under level 1 of the lockdown.

Here are 6 key takeouts from Pandor’s address:

How the reopening will be measured

According to Pandor, SA adopted the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines on public health considerations for international travel.

“The gradual reopening of borders and ports of entry informed by a cautious approach means that a limited number of ports of entry will be open from October 1.

“By reopening these selected ports of entry and borders, we will be guided by epidemiological and transmission rate both in SA and traveller’s countries of origin.”

How a country’s risk level is determined

Pandor said SA developed a risk categorisation model for different international travellers, and the scale ranks from high to medium and low risk.

“High-risk travellers are those who come from countries with higher numbers of Covid-19 infections and reported deaths compared to SA.

“Medium risk travellers are from countries with a relatively equal number of infections and death toll to SA and low-risk travellers obviously originate from countries with a lesser number of infections and death tolls.”

Not all foreign travellers allowed in, but those from neighbouring countries are

Pandor said all travellers from neighbouring countries are allowed to visit.

“To facilitate the free movement of people, goods, and services from SA, Southern African Development Community (Sadc), and the African continent, travellers from neighbouring countries are allowed to visit our country.

“Travellers from all African countries are allowed and must possess relevant travel documents, and will also be screened for Covid-19 symptoms.”


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