EFF offers to ‘defend’ ANC workers against ‘exploitation’ from their bosses


Keeping quiet because the matter is an internal issue of another political party was no longer an option for the EFF, it said.

“Month after month, the public has witnessed statements from the ruling party which, with no remorse or consideration, informs employees that they will be paid significantly later than the agreed dates at the end of the month,” said EFF spokesperson Delisile Ngwenya.

“As the EFF, we are duty-bound to call out the exploitation of workers, even if it is within the confines of other political parties. These employees are bound by contract, have dependents and bills to service.”

Ngwenya said the ANC’s “failure to manage its financial affairs” was a shame which should not be allowed to affect innocent workers.

The EFF called on ANC workers to approach the EFF labour desk to seek assistance in taking on their employer.

“The EFF will defend these employees without fail from the exploitation they are faced with in a ruling party that simply cannot sustain itself or those in its employ,” said Ngwenya.



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