Former SAAT official ‘fears divorce’ after Zondo commission grilling


Her lawyer jumped to her defence, questioning the relevance of the question.

“The issue here is simple: the receipt of R2.5m which has not been denied,” commission chair, deputy chief justice Raymond Zondo, responded, instructing the lawyer to take her seat.

The commission revealed that Memela had entered into two “fake” property sales agreements, which Memela disputed had been fraudulent.

In April 2015, Memela applied for a bond of R1.4m, which was rejected. However, a month later she made an offer to purchase the East London land at R2.8m.

Zondo probed the circumstances in which Memela could commit so much when she had previously been denied for half the amount. Memela said that she knew her mother would certainly give her the money after selling her own property.

“But Mrs Memela, you can’t make a serious offer on the basis of money you don’t have and have no guarantee you’re going to have,”  Zondo said.

Hofmeyr said Memela had acquired properties without the knowledge of her husband — despite being married in community of property. She said this was against the Matrimonial Property Act and the Financial Intelligence Centre Act.

“Chair, I am not sure if the commission is trying to cause a dispute between me and my husband. Certain things you don’t discuss … investments, especially in property, has always been my thing,” she said.



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