Go Notes – a great new game for musicians


Ever wanted to play a game AND practice your instrument at the same time?

Since February, I’ve been developing a new game for instrumentalists to practice note reading. Here’s how it works:

On your phone, tablet or computer, a note is displayed on a bass or treble staff above a racing kart. Play this note on your real life instrument, and your device will detect the note you play using the microphone. If you play and hold the correct note written on the stave, the kart will drive forwards. But of you play the wrong note, the kart stops. Can you keep the kart moving?

Check the game out at this link (There’s a trailer video on the website as well): [https://www.gonotes.thejonathanv.com](https://www.gonotes.thejonathanv.com)

It’s great for students to practice note reading, but can also be great fun as something different to do for the more advanced players!

I’d also like to make a shoutout to all the people who responded to my post about the first version of this same game on Reddit 3 months ago. All your comments and feedback have been invaluable in developing this program, and if you were one of those people who got involved with Go Notes the first time, I implore you to take another look. Statistically speaking, the suggestions in 87.6% of hundreds of feedback comments has been implemented into this update, with the rest queued for future release.

To anyone reading this post, I’d love to get some feedback on the game. I’d really appreciate it if you were to try it out on your Android, Windows 10 or Mac device, and provide some feedback in the form of a review or in a comment down below. Don’t forget to share this with friends if you like it! I can’t wait to hear what you think!

Check the game out at this link: [https://www.gonotes.thejonathanv.com](https://www.gonotes.thejonathanv.com)


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