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Video created by #Stella

The video for this track was created in a minimalist style. With deep and hypno effects.

Music created by #GoldLion


Sentinel – the track is made in mnml styles (minimal).

Minimal-techno is a minimalistic subgenre of techno, characterized by atonality, ascetic, deliberately simplified scale and melody.

Sometimes minimal techno is described as music created from “production wastes” – something that is classified as a defect or mistake in other genres, in minimal techno becomes a full expressive means. Often, minimal techno compositions are built on implicit, almost imperceptible to the hearing, changes in sound space. The minimal-techno genre is closely related to such areas as ambient (the so-called “ambient techno”), detroit techno, tech house and glitch. The idea of ​​minimal techno is simple – the acoustic space of the track should be as less filled as possible to feel the empty space between the bits. At the same time, the intensity and pressure of the sound are preserved. Real minimalist music is composed of not very complex passages that, constantly repeating, are shifted relative to each other, which creates a kind of constantly changing moire pattern, devoid of an obvious center of gravity. All elements used can be rough, geometric and angular, and the overall effect is soft, smooth and organic. This music can be heard from anywhere and any instrument can be considered solo.

In any place of minimalist music you can instantly recognize a repeating melodic and rhythmic figure, it is quite understandable and recognizable, but it is impossible to keep track of what happens with this music along its entire length. That is, close, under a microscope, it is built very simply, and a little move back, it spreads out like in a fog.

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