Do I have ‘Perfect Pitch’ ?


I do not have any prior musical background whatsoever (though I wanted to learn :/ ) but my friends have pointed out that I have good pitching, or they called it ‘perfect pitch’. I am not rly sure how true this is, I think they’re just praising me to make me feel good or smt ??‍♂️ I’ve searched up what ‘perfect pitch’ means but I am honestly confused by the terminologies, so I wanna ask the community here if I do have it. Here are some things my friends have pointed out/I have noticed for myself…
(Just a heads up, below I mention that I play the piano, but I am by no means a pianist… I can only play the right hand side of the piano HAHA I don’t know what to do with my left hand? I just press keys when I’m bored)

1. Once my friends sing/whistle/hum a note or sing a song, I can replicate it on a piano. It takes a short while but I’ll get the hang of it soon after.

2. When they sing it half a note higher/ lower (I’m not sure what this is called in music, is it a semitone higher/lower ?), I can find the notes quickly

3. (Similar to the first point) When I listen to music, I can play the song on the piano without much reference(?) Like, when hearing them sing, I can kinda visualise where that note would be on a piano.

Here’s why I don’t think I have absolute pitch though…

1. It states online that people with perfect pitch can name the notes that others sing almost immediately… I can’t name it immediately HAHAHA I can hear the note in my head but it takes me a short while to identify what note it is

2. They said perfect pitched people can identify the key of the song… Nani ? what’s a key HAHAHA

3. I’ve never tried naming notes that are played one after another so… I doubt I can do it ??‍♂️

Soooo… Let me know what do you think? Do I have ‘perfect pitch’? Whether I do or not, thank you for providing your insights and I’ll learn more about myself 🙂

Otherwise, have a great day!


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