ANC is rotten to the core


It has been reported that at its latest lekgotla the ANC’s own national executive committee (NEC) expressed a view that the National Prosecuting Authority is out of line with its pursuit of the corrupt within ANC ranks. In other words, they aren’t enjoying the heat in their own kitchen. 

A recent report in the media from a credible source suggested that as many as 41 out of 80 members of the NEC are themselves under the spotlight of corruption allegations. No wonder these individuals enjoy a built-in reluctance to accept the reality that is so patently obvious to most South Africans.

The truth is that the governing party is rotten to the core, to the point that if all its members were to be prosecuted there would be no-one left standing. What a great win for the country if such an outcome were to transform into reality. Alice in Wonderland perhaps, but hopefully we won’t die wondering.

AR Viljoen 

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