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Kethal’l (ከጣልል)…?

The ancient history of Eritrea has a vital contribution in shaping the general fabric of today`s regional civilization. The country is an open museum with unprecedented evidence of ancient history known to mankind.

A huge part of Eritrea`s ancient history is not fully studied and understood yet, and this impedes from having exclusive and cohesive information. However, the country is endowed with potentially rich and segmented history.

Eritrea’s present cultural diversity is the result of a long process of cultural evolution. This process has been characterized by the emergence of symbolism, writing systems, trade, agriculture, modernity, cultural pluralism, traditions, beliefs, customs…etc. Henceforth, such cultural trends demonstrate the continuous presence of human settlement in the region since millennia.

The inland civilizations of Eritrea and the Red Sea coast were underpinning the cultural and trade hubs flourished in the region. Hence, many inland civilizations thrived. The Qohaito cultural landscape and the archaeological site of Below Kelow (Matara) which embrace evidence spanning from 2nd millennium BC to 7th Century AD, are among the most renowned ancient cities from the Highlands of Eritrea.

Kethal’l (ከጣልል)…?, an Eritrean creative music video clip featuring love-story, is exceptionally presenting the ancient cultural phenomena of societies residing the Eritrean highlands. The video clip gives an insight into the ancient civilization as well as the lifestyle of the societies inhabiting these places. It further artistically represents, the beauty of the highland’s natural landscape, the archaeological wonders (stone tools, rock arts, standing architecture, dams, cisterns, enigmatic ruins, other artefacts…) and value systems that are central to our understanding of early subsistence, symbolic systems and cultural evolution of the Eritrean highland communities.

Dr Tsegai Medin
Archaeological Heritage Research Branch-AHRB
Commission of Culture and Sports of Eritrea

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