I can’t begin to express the immense sadness I’m feeling with Eddie Van Halen’s Passing


I know this is being posted a lot right now but I really have to let out some thoughts. I’m 23 and was born way past the prime of Van Halen but discovered them when i was 13. Having listened to eruption when I was a kid for the first time like so many people I wasn’t sure what i was listening to but what i did know was that my life would never be the same. Little did I know, it had started a life long obession for rock that to this day only continues growing. This was also the only artist death that truly brought tears to my eyes as I knew that it not only impacted me but millions of people across the world in more ways than one. EVH is not only one of the greatest musicians that has ever lived but has been there through peoples lives such as high school, college, first job, marriage, and even retirnment! It’s incredbile to see how people from 15-65 are being impacted in the same way and that music is truly a universal langauge. Although I have only been listening for 10 years, Van Halen has been there for key moments of my youth and still is today, long live Eddie Van Halan and long live Van Halan!


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