I dropped out of UCLA, moved back from the US, and spent the past 3 years of my life building an app to discover, share and discuss music with friends. You can get a mix of AI + Friend recommendations, and filter music based on emotion, loudness, genres, topics or even combinations!


Hey, fellow music lovers!

I used to be extremely frustrated by listening to the same music again and again and again. Usually, I knew the features of the music I wanted, but could not figure what artist to start with etc., and used to spend more time planning rather than actually enjoying music.

Music is my life, and to solve this problem became an obsession!

Now finally, we have a system that solves this, and has evolved into a much more more powerful app in the past few months.

It would be an absolute honour if you amazing people could try it out, and give feedback 🙂

Registration Form: [https://forms.gle/2LZ9b2tcQFoYryKE7](https://forms.gle/2LZ9b2tcQFoYryKE7)

Website: [www.lishash.com](https://www.lishash.com)

Discord: [https://discord.gg/RNFnbKA](https://discord.gg/RNFnbKA)


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