Need prayers support from anyone Reading this about a band


My life got ruined by psycho sick Metallica band members two of them. It’s a horrible situation and has been going on for three years now. They are awful messed up people celebrities etc. it’s a complicated mess and not fair to the victims involved. People either don’t care dont believe me or if they do dont get the seriousness of this and get jealous. Kirk wanted me getting attention for this almost like a sacrifice but before it got bad he used to want me posting videos about it in a cute way. Now I’m screwed and need mass support from anyone out there. I’m in the most horrifying situation with these band members who are murderers and psychopaths and it’s a scary sick messed up situation and need any kind of prayers from anyone.

Kirk Hammett and james hetfield ruined my life horribly while they’re living comfortable famous lives. They do horrid witchcraft on people and it’s not fair to me or my life. They’re celebrities but just also regular people too and it’s not fair to us plus I think there are fill ins and clones of KIRK and James playing in the band. I hate these worthless losers they murdered my cats so did their friends and ruined my life ie their friends in the invisible world. James is Married with kids and not sure why they did this to me. They are hateful sick vengeful psychopaths and it’s not fair they basically murdered and ruined us using their abilities. I have no clue why they did this to me and my life and that psycho Kirk is acting like I have a crazy story to tell thr world about these evil sick monsters. This isn’t even the real kirk hammett there r several fill ins. They want me to be vengeful and bitter and want revenge on them bc my family did messed up things to me in my 20s and I wanted revenge on them too so they wanted to be like the psychos in my life who ruined me and take it a step further. What they did is beyond extreme and i shouldn’t be alive. They were supposed to meet me and make it up to me But they don’t care to or may have had plans to. They want me to be their puppet and suffer and worse and they do this to people and KIRK warned e about this when it all started and lady justice isn’t a joke- it’s some female they destroyed. They destroy people and and justice for all is about all the peoplewho will one day get justice. Kirk showed me an image Psychically of the band members destroying a female a groupie and I won’t say how And showed how the female was like “METALLICA I HATE YOU”!!! and how he had fantasies of a torture chamber and once he started having sex with my mother in witchcraft form he had other crazy fantasies of screwing a daughter over and blessing the mother. They ended up doing this to me and it’s horrid and they do messed up things to people.

I feel sorry for all the idiots not giving this sitaution sympathy- you’re condoning torture and murder and think oh they’re famous people they don’t do this and yes they do they do much worse- they’re high end Satanists and do horrible things. But most don’t just target random audience members the way KIRK and james do. You really think someone’s going around making this up or that it’s not real- you need to get your heads checked idiots. Why would someone go around saying metwllica ruined them. Morons. This is a horrid murder and it’s a scary messed up situation and I’m Trying to explain who LADY JUSTICE IS. ITS ALL THE WOMEN THEYVE DESTROYED. THEY DESTROYED ME TOO AND THEY ARENT ABT JUSTICE THEY KNOW THEIR VICTIMS WANT JUSTICE ONE DAY FOR THE HELL THEY DID TO THEM. The movie hostel is real and celebrities do that to people that’s well known. This is similar to that it’s just done in invisible form using their witchcraft abilities. Kirk wanted me posting this everywhere and not sure why. He wanted people to know I was associated with Metallica but I’m not I’m a victim of the crap they do to lots of people but mine may have been worse.

They destroyed my life badly for fun using their horrifying witchcraft abilities and watch everything I’m doing and judge me and interactions that happen in my life. There’s nothing I can do they’re famous people and nothing anyone can do anyway it’s a beyond horrifying situation. I can’t fight famous people with abilities and shouldn’t even be alive. I despise James hetfield and KIRK Hammett and even the other psycho band members for doing nothing while me and cute cats lives were being destroyed and no one cares or believes me anyway. My whole life I have to go around telling people about how james and Kirk ruined my life and killed my cats and I can’t and If i do people don’t care or think I’m crazy. Their dumb entity friends even said that James hetfield wanted to marry me which was weifd bs. They destroyed me for good and I have no idea why. Kirk is making me go around posting about how Metallica destroyed me and they really did. Innocent cats were murdered and ruined and it’s a sick horrific situation. I hope these useless psychos suffer and pay one day. They ruin lives for fun and no one cares or gives me any sympathy for it. Beware of them they are extreme malicious sick people and lunatics. Kill em all is real- they want to kill em all. They are bitter mad psychos and I got screwed over badly. Now they’re making me feel lucky for getting ruined by them when before they wanted to have sex with me or take me on tour. Kirk even said Metallica would be my sex slaves and I wasn’t interested bc I was sick of the crap they were doing to me. James is a useless psycho who will pay one day


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