She Lays Down – The 1975 (Cover by ORAN) ? New Indie Music 2020

Hi all,

I learned this properly tonight and I was feeling it so I decided to record a video. Please leave a comment, like subscribe and all that. Believe me when I say this took about 800 takes before I finally got one I felt okay about uploading.

This is such a lovely song so I hope I’ve done it justice.

Have a good day and stay safe x

❣️ Thank you so much for watching and here are the Lyrics:

And she lays down on her bedroom floor
The chemicals that make her laugh
Don’t seem to be working anymore
She tries her best, but it hurts her chest
And even though her sun is gone
She lights like a child nevertheless
My hair is brown, she’s scared to touch
And she just wants to feel something
And I don’t think that’s asking for too much
And when I go to sleep it’s when she begins to weep
She’s appalled by not loving me at all
She wears a frown and dressing gown
When she lays down
Well we got a plane, going to see my dad again
She prayed that we fell from the sky
Simply to immediate the pain
Over the water, hmm
Over terrain
The engines all go bust, we turned to dust
And I’ve no reason to complain, yeah
And in the end, she chose cocaine
But it couldn’t fix her brain
She’s appalled oh she doesn’t love me at all
She wears a frown and dressing gown
When she lays down
That was it

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