Sri lankan Music 2020 | Sri Lanka VS Australia Quarantine Music Video


The music of Sri Lanka has its roots in four primary influences: ancient folk rituals, Buddhist religious traditions, the legacy of European colonisation, and the commercial and historical influence of nearby Indian culture—specifically, Bollywood cinema.

The Portuguese were the first Europeans to arrive in Sri Lanka, landing in the mid-15th century.] They brought with them traditional cantiga ballads, ukuleles and guitars, as well as conscripted Africans (referred to, historically, as kaffrinhas), who spread their own style of music known as baila. The influence of both European and African traditions served to further diversify the musical roots of contemporary Sri Lankan music.


1 Folk music
2 Sri Lankan country music
2.1 Pageantry
2.2 Kolam & Puppetry
2.3 Nurthi Music
2.4 Sinhala light music
2.5 Sri Lanka’s traditional musical instruments
2.5.1 Gatabera
2.5.2 Yak-bera
2.5.3 Dawula
2.5.4 Thammattama
2.5.5 Udekki
2.5.6 Rabana
2.5.7 Thalampata
2.5.8 Horanawa
2.5.9 Hakgediya
2.5.10 Wind Section
2.5.11 Flutes
3 Endemic Instruments
3.1 The Béra
3.2 Ravanahatha
4 Western music
5 Recorded music
6 Sinhala Music Archives
7 Rock & Heavy Metal Music

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