Amplify Music 2020 – Pilot Edition – April 17, 2020

Pilot Session — April 17, 2020!
As a pilot for our 25-hour event on April 23/24, 2020 (, we’re starting with a pair of 30-minute sessions on April 17 as a YouTube Livestream!

Session A: Welcome and Overview

Gigi Johnson and Storm Gloor shared the origins of the Amplify Music idea, which started from their canceled SXSW “Future of Music Cities” session. They then will share how the program for April 23 and 24 was expanded and the 11 Core Themes planned for the following week. They talked about the structure around-the-clock and around-the-world to date and plans to follow.

Dr. Gigi Louisa Johnson, President, Maremel Institute; Faculty, UCLA Herb Alpert School of Management, President, Rethink Next, Monrovia, CA, USA
Storm Gloor, Associate Professor, University of Colorado, Denver; City Councilman, Glendale, CO, USA

Session B: What is Resilience?

As an introduction to our virtual conference and what’s ahead next week, we discussed Resilience.

** What does it mean in a music ecosystem?
** What are some key needs and priorities when being resilient, for today and for the days ahead?
** What’s happening right now?

Our speakers discussed these and other related questions.

Matt Kowal and Molly North of Majestic Collaborations –
Lisa Gedgaudas of Denver Arts & Venues –
Tom Clareson of Performing Arts Readiness –

Overall Event:

Check out for the full April 17 and April 23/24, 2020 event, schedules, and collaborating organizations.


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