ANC’s ‘rampant’ betrayal of struggle moves MK vets to march


The Gauteng Umkhonto we Sizwe Military Veterans Association (MKMVA) will on Monday march to the ANC headquarters and the office of premier David Makhura to “defend” the constitution and highlight the plight of the poor.

“We have taken a decision that our comrades in the ANC leadership and government must act on the fundamental principles of our struggle for justice and freedom, or they will face the full uncompromising wrath of the masses,” the MKMVA said.

The MKMVA marchers will be joined by members of the SA National Civics Organisation (Sanco), Congress of SA Students (Cosas), and the SA National Cargo Transport and Drivers Association (Sancatdra).

“We embark on this action as disciplined revolutionaries whose aims are to bring to the attention of comrades in the ANC and government that we have reached our absolute limit of tolerance for their rampant betrayal of our struggle, the poor and oppressed black (especially African) majority,” said the MKMVA.

The association said it was saddened the ANC had diverted from the objective of the liberation struggle, which was to liberate people of SA.

“We have done everything in our power to raise these issues with the leadership. We have done so in marches and letters of demand. We have recorded the sadness of how our members — the heroes and heroines, the martyrs who gave their lives for our freedom — are forgotten and treated like beggars in this democratic society, while defenders of apartheid, like former apartheid president FW de Klerk and others who committed crimes against humanity, are treated with dignity.


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