Berhe Subagads – limalimo – Alewuha Mlash(ሊማሊሞ – ኣለዉሃ ) New Tigrigna Irob Music 2020 Official Video

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ከመይ ፀኒሕኩም ክቡራት ናይ Mido Tube ቤተ-ሰብ (ተኸታተልትና) ኸምዝፍለጥ ቅድሚ ኸዚ ብስም ሚዶ ፊልም ፕሮዳክሽን ናይ ትግርኛ ቪድዯ ክሊፕ (clip) ኣብ ዝላዓለ ብርኪ ንክበፅሕ ዓውዪ ብፅሒት እናሰራሕና መፂና ኢና::

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****ስሪየስ ተኸታታሊ ድራማ
****ኮሜዲ ድራማ
**** ሙዚክ ክሊፕ (clip)
****ቪድዮ ሜኪንግ
****ሚዶ ሾው
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