Going to listen to 100 new albums over 100 days


As the title says. I’m in a musical rut. And I have been for years. And my musical knowledge is limited and it’s always bothered me how little I know and little I have experienced listening to.

So, I’ve decided to listen to 100 new albums in the next 100 days. My only rules are it has to be something I haven’t listened to before… knowing one or two songs from an album won’t disqualify it though. I know that plenty of websites have lists of “best albums” and “albums to listen to before you die” etc.. but I don’t find those lists appeal to me a ton – some are too pretentious, some are too predictable (ie the r/music’s hall of fame artists).

What are some albums you enjoy that I should listen to? All genres welcome and encouraged!

Thank you!

Edit: So many suggestions! Can’t wait to give them all a listen. I see a few that I know but most are new. For extra fun I’m not going to look up anything about the albums beforehand so it’ll be a surprise. Will report back with my favs once I’m done!


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