[I Made this] KingKhari – Schroeder and Lucy (Prod. By Jay Mecca)


My name is Khari, Im just a dude from Detroit who always never started his dream, but did, and am going off. I dig Dragon Ball Z, martial arts, ice cream, and meeting people. Im really about internationalism, and I want to meet more people to blend cultures through music, Im really trying to do America, Japan. and brazil. Here is a track of mine, if you are interested and want to know my steeze =0

This is a track from my first EP Called ? “Scenery”? . I released it on September 3rd, my birthday, in ??Japan , during a Typhoon. Actually, just like a typhoon, it blends many things together: Jazz, hiphop, boombap, cartoons. The entire EP is alot more of that. However, that is up to you if you would like to hear it!

I would be so honored to hear if you have any thoughts about it

[Schroeder and Lucy](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrKu99BK4Y4)



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