Niehaus: Mbalula is young and insulting


JOHANNESBURG – MKMVA veteran Carl Niehaus defended veterans asking to be included in security operations at the national railway agency on Tuesday while speaking on a Twitter exchange between him and Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula.

Mbalula accused Niehaus and fellow MK veteran Kebby Maphatsoe of hiding behind ANC structures to loot state funds.

The Passenger Rail Agency (Prasa) announced plans in July to recruit at least 3,000 security officials after cancelling contracts with some security companies due to bad service.

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MKMVA veterans have demanded answers to a 2019 memorandum requesting to be allocated security and other suitable jobs.

Niehaus described Mbalula as young and insulting.

“I’m truly surprised by what Minister Mbalula was trying to allege,” Niehaus said.

“He would do much better to listen carefully to what the MKMVA in Gauteng structures had said about the problem with security at Prasa and specifically at Metrorail.”

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“Also specifically, about all the losses that happened materially there. Our comrades have raised those issues over a considerable period of time and they’ve raised the issue of employment within those security operations that are acquired. This is something that can be done within the Military Veteran’s Act which I’m sure that comrade Mbalula is aware of.”

The Military Veterans Act sets out the principles recognised by the State, governing military veterans including policy objectives in benefits relating to military veterans.

According to the Act, veterans are entitled to facilitation of employment placement and facilitation or advice on business operations.

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Niehaus also referred to an open letter alleging misconduct by Mbalula, penned by an anonymous group who referred to themselves as “ANC comrades”.

The ANC released a statement shortly after the letter’s publication, denouncing it as “unsubstantiated allegations”.


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