[Rap] Colorado-Based Young Trap/Rap Duo Song Name?


– two college aged guys, both with deep skin

– the “effortless” type of rap style, so the words not emphasized that much

– music video was filmed in Colorado I think because it was noted either in the song or in a bio I read that that’s where they’re from — featured a lot of drone shots of them rapping/dancing in the red rock canyons/hills of Colorado. The guys might’ve been originally from Aurora and they were currently based in Colorado Springs or the other way around!

–discovered song in 2017-2018ish, but not sure when it came out. It’s a new, high-quality music video, so it’s fairly recent.

one of the lyrics I think was “I gotta girl in Aurora” (Aurora, Colorado) or “she said she’s never been to Aurora” and there’s some part that I vaguely remember mentions the girl being materialistic or something and letting her only stay for the weekend(?) — a big part of the song centers around basically not fully being with this girl lol the song lyrics aren’t too great, but the beat is good and I needa remember what this is haha — help is much appreciated!


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