Please help with song title!


I’ve had this song stuck in my head for weeks and no one I know remembers it. The lyrics are too foggy and vague for me to quote enough of it for google to find it. The lyrics I do remember I THOUGHT was the most iconic part of the song, and of course no one remembers it. It has the guy that just says “on mah way” over and over again, and it has a killer flute (maybe piccolo?) solo. Pretty sure it’s been in a movie at least once. It’s kinda folky with an uptempo beat from what I remember. If anyone could help me find this song I’d be thankful! Had to turn to Reddit since I ran out of irl people to try to sing for.

I thought it was possibly by Blues Traveler, or Dave Matthews Band, pretty sure it came from that era of music. And of course looking up a song with the lyrics “on my way” brings up a list of at least one song per year that’s not even close to what I’m looking for.

Thanks to whomever might be able to decipher my vague song description.


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