Senekal businessman accused of violent protest appeals bail denial


Mlangeni said the personal details of potential witnesses were easily accessible through court documents. In his short time in custody, Pienaar was able to identify witnesses who could potentially exonerate him, Mlangeni said.

“This was a deliberate attempt to jeopardise a criminal investigation.”

Mlangeni said Pienaar further allegedly tried to undermine the rule of law by damaging court property and holding cells, which could have led to the escape of awaiting-trial prisoners. This potentially could have caused serious harm to the public.

Regarding the charges he faces, Mlangeni said Pienaar had no respect for law and order and it was therefore not in the interests of justice to release him on bail.

The lawyers argued that the court did not consider, or alternatively only “paid lip service” to, the consideration of suitable bail conditions.



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