A weekly day of love please


Life can be hard for many of us at the best of times but 2020 has done it’s best to throw that in to overdrive for so many more. I’m respectfully requesting that we set aside a day each week to celebrate the best in music about the best in humans, a day to share your favourite songs about love in all it’s many forms, from ecstacy to loss, and everything in between. No judgment necessary.

I’m not suggesting that all other content is barred on that day, just that we have a weekly reminder that life can be beautiful to those that might struggle to remember that.

This was inspired by my listening to Childish Gambino’s fantastic album about the fears and fascinations of new fatherhood, “Awaken, My Love”, and in particular “Baby Boy”.

Sorry if this breaks rules, I don’t believe it does but it wouldn’t be the first time I unintentionally broke a subs rules.


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