Latest US election updates as Biden surges in three new polls


Donald Trump campaigns at rally in Des Moines, Iowa.

Donald Trump mocked Joe Biden as he did a bizarre impression of his White House rival at his latest campaign rally.

The president got huge cheers in windy Des Moines, Iowa, as he imitated the former vice president struggling to raise his arm up.

Mr Trump also got  loud applause at the Make America Great Again event as he put on a red MAGA cap to cover his hair and took off his tie.

The president ripped into Mr Biden and his son Hunter Biden’s business deals in Ukraine as he called his rival a “corrupt politician” and demanded he release emails.

Earlier on Wednesday Melania Trump revealed son Barron tested positive for Covid-19 as she broke her silence on recovering from the virus to recommend a balanced diet, fresh air and vitamins, to aid recovery, in stark contrast from Donald Trump’s cocktail of antibodies, experimental anti-viral and steroid treatment.

Mr Trump refused to commit to bringing back William Barrr if he wins a second term after  the attorney general announced there was no evidence of wrongdoing after the investigation into the Obama administration’s “unmasking” of Trump campaign members.

Over at the Senate confirmation hearing of Amy Coney Barrett, chairman Lindsey Graham opened day three by praising her as “a woman who is unashamedly pro-life and embraces her faith without apology”.


Trump mocks Joe Biden at campaign rally

President got roars of approval from the crowd in Iowa as he did an unflattering impression of his White House rival Joe Biden.

Graeme Massie15 October 2020 01:58


Trump supporters cheer as he takes off tie

Trump supporters in Iowa cheered as the president put on a MAGA hat and took off his tie at his rally in Des Moines.

Graeme Massie15 October 2020 01:44


Trump calls wrestling icon up onto stage

The president got Olympic gold medal wrestler Dan Gable, 71, up on stage and announced he will receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Graeme Massie15 October 2020 01:43


Donald Trump said son Barron had ‘Corona 19’

Graeme Massie15 October 2020 01:30


Trump talks about son Barron getting Covid-19

“Barron Trump, you know he had the corona 19, the China virus, it came from China so he had the China virus,” said Mr Trump.

“He had it for such a short period of time I don’t even think he knew he had it.

“Becasue they are young and their immune systems fight it off 99.9 per cent of the time, Barron is beautiful and he is clean, clean.”

Graeme Massie15 October 2020 01:26


Trump again appeals for support from suburban women

“I do think I am a nice guy, I have saved the suburbs then I heard I’m not doing well with suburban women,” said Mr Trump.

“You know what I find suburban women period want is security. They don’t want their home values going down, they don’t want a low income housing project built in suburbia next to their house.

“We are not going to ruin the American dream for stupid people like Cory Booker.”

Graeme Massie15 October 2020 01:20


Trump claims Mike Pence defeated Kamala Harris in VP debate

“If that were a fight they would have stopped it,” said Mr Trump

Graeme Massie15 October 2020 01:07


Trump demands rival releases all family business emails

The president said that Joe Biden must now release all emails relating to his family’s business dealings.

“Vice president Biden you owe the people of America an apology because as it turns out you are a corrupt politician,” said Mr Trump.

Mr Trump then said Mr Biden’s family has used the vice presidency as a “for-profit corporation.”

“The Biden’s got rich while America got robbed,” said Mr Trump.

“By contrast, and this is so true and I am so proud of it in so many ways, I have given up billions of dollars to serve as your president and it is the greatest honour of my lifetime.”

Graeme Massie15 October 2020 00:54


President rips social media companies over Hunter Biden story

“With Biden today they took negative posts down almost even before they went up, they are trying to protect Biden,” claimed Mr Trump.

“Kayleigh McEnany is so great, she is incredible, the White House press secretary, and they closed down her account as she is reporting the truth.”

Graeme Massie15 October 2020 00:43


Trump says opponent should not be running for White House

“Biden is a corrupt politician who should not even be allowed to run for the presidency,” said Mr Trump.

Graeme Massie15 October 2020 00:40


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