"Greener" Ryan Seiler [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

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Video Written, Directed, Filmed, and Produced By Rainbow Road Productions:
Kevin Lee
James Pusey http://www.youtube.com/jpusey1
Ryan Seiler http://www.youtube.com/theryanseiler

Special Thanks to Jason and Justin Funk and Andy Seiler You all did such an amazing job, thank you for your willingness and work!

Music and Lyrics written by Ryan Seiler
Music Produced, Arranged, Mixed, and Masterd by: http://youtube.com/makemethemusic

I covet what is not near
I overlook what I hold dear
If the grass is greener
On the other side
It’s only because I’m not attending mine

I long for days gone by
Days I spent longing
For another time
If the grass…

The land is full of weeds
The livestock have no feed
Corroding cold machines
And all the while I sleep

If the grass…


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