Help me salvage my guitar gear after a house fire!


A house fire has damaged/almost destroyed my first/only guitar and my mini jubilee and I need advice on how to fix it


April of this year my family suffered a house fire which destroyed a section of the bottom floor of my house and left fairly severe smoke damage throughout the rest.

I was living with my mum and dog at the time and since she’s not able to work, we were living in a housing association property. After the fire the housing, association cleared the property of 99% of our belongings, regardless of whether or not it was salvageable. Clothes in drawers/cupboards, metal furniture that could be cleaned, expensive tech that had only been hit by smoke, my sister’s medals and caps from playing rugby for the army – all of it gone.

One of the only things left behind in my room was my Marshall mini jubilee head and 212 cab. I want to do everything I can to ensure this gear is safe and smokeless once again.

My room was upstairs and thankfully just smoke damaged, but the head of this amp has an open top where soot and smoke can fall through and I’m worried about the damage having soot in the electronics can do. Particularly with it being a valve amp running hot. This was my first real tube amp and is typically something I couldn’t afford to put money into, it was a pat on the back for myself after 6 months of working at my first job. But most of all it was a badass little unit and I miss having it about. Not to mention my first electric, my epi les paul.

The les paul is a lot worse off with all the hardware being stiff and coated in a tough layer of rust like smoke damage, the frets more or less destroyed by the smoke and for some reason it seemed to have been thrown on the floor by the fire service as they went through my room to get to the boiler (boiler cupboard was in my room but for some reason loads of my stuff in other parts of the room had been knocked off surfaces). I’ve also got a few pedals but they seem ok. Might just have to re-lubricate my wah wah.

To be honest I can’t see my les paul being saved, but at the very least I will keep it as a reminder of what we went through and as a sentimental wall decoration. No shops or techs in the south wales area that I’ve spoken to will take my gear and I’m not sure where to turn to next. My mum has COPD/general breathing issues, suffered severe carbon monoxide poisoning and barely made it out of the fire after being put in to a coma. She was beyind lucky to make it out allow and the way I see it is, being able to play through my gear again will be my first step back in to normality and symbolic of what we can get through as people. My whole life has been rocked by this and I’ve lost almost every memento and item from the time I was born until the day I turned 18, this is the one thing I can still stand to fix.

I’m sorry for the rant but I hope it was worth the read. I’ll happily answer any questions and take any advice if you could spare the time. Hopefully the itnernet can do it’s thing

*also posted this in the guitar thread in the hopes of getting some mroe responses, sorry for the repost


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