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Hey guys its Fuzzbuzz, (fuzzy) welcome to my channel if you are new and if you aren’t then welcome back anyway. In this video apart of the series motorcycle ride music video I have put together a motorcycle mashup of different motorcycle ride videos from all over the world. Motorcycle ride videos with music can be motivational, thats why alot of people make motorcycle motivation music video. I will be putting together more of these motorcycle ride music video and continue to put together motorcycle ride videos or as you may know them motorcycle mashup videos. Hope you enjoy the video and stay tuned for more from this series motorcycle ride music video, motorcycle ride videos, motorcycle mashup, motorcycle motivation music video, motorcycle videos with music. fuzzbuzz signing out.

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A little bit about my story as Fuzzy:
The nickname came about because once upon a time I had curly long hair yep that is right fizzy curly long hair and now how ironic i have no hair, but such is life. Just your average Aussie bloke with a Turkish background who has started riding at an older age.. Had a passion for the two wheels all my life but never did anything about it until about a year ago, bought my first bike a Yamaha V star 650 dragstar and decided to go cruising around Turkey.. And hopefully the world. Late bloomer in riding motorcycles, i am in love with riding, I am also very lucky to be living in one of the best cities in the world. so i will be showing videos of me riding around the best parts of Turkey. I was raised in Melbourne Australia, so i have to admit i am very lucky to be raised in the most livable city Melbourne and then now living in the one of the best cities in Eurasia.

Name: Fuzzy
Age: 42 years young
Nationality: Australian with Turkish parents
Occupation: ESL teacher
Camera: go-pro
Software: Filmora 9
Hobbies: riding, travelling, fishing, cooking

*none of the music used in this video is mine. all rights belong to the original creators and owners.


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