How I Make $0 Budget Music Videos by Myself – (Michael Ortega EXTRA)

How I Make $0 Budget Music Videos by myself. This video is not counting the gear expense because my equipment is not brand new. I’ve had my equipment for years but what you do with what you have is what’s important. This is Michael Ortega, Pianist/ Composer/Music producer/ and I named this channel “Michael Ortega Extra” because it is extra content related to my music and the process for my videos. I will also talk about artist and what they can do on a low budget or $0 budget when managing their music business and creating content to engage their audience. The music I am using in this video is about my piano song titled: Michael Ortega – “Hurt” (Sad Piano). I am using cheap lenses, a sony a5100 camera which is 5 year old now, and a Mavic mini drone which is 1 year old.

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