kristen stewart ; a star in music videos ?

who else loves seeing kristen star in music videos? i sure do! ?

also, if it’s not a bother could you please report this? → it’s a video originally made by me but with my username cropped out & the music changed. it’s not the first time he’s stolen from me. don’t bother even replying to him because he takes the mature route of blocking you. making stuff yourself is so last year, ey? ? (thanks!)

anyway, i hope you’re all doing great!

as always, keep a nice tone in the comments. mean/rude/intrusive/gossipy comments will be deleted and in some cases, the user will be blocked. make love, not war.

lots of love, always
xxxx maria

music: feki – thankful

music videos used:
marcus foster – i was broken
jenny lewis – just one of the guys
the rolling stones – ride ’em on down

i own nothing in this video nor do i take credit for anything except the editing!


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