“Silence in the Dark, Emptiness, and Ambience Pt. 1” by Cooper H Church [Retro Synthwave] (2020)


A few soundtracks I randomly made up in Presonous Studio One 4 and later remastered in Studio One 5 to better balance the tracks except “Silence in the Dark” which I lost due to my SSD failing hard.

Track 1 – Silence in the Dark 2:50 it has the entire soundtrack bouncing left and right getting a whooshing effect


Track 2 – Emptiness 4:32 it is an oscillating sound based on instrument I can’t remember the name of, I will mention it down below when I hop on the program.


I do plan on adding some drums to some songs and other underlying tracks.

Track 3 – Ambience 6:31 it uses just “movie effect” or something like that, it is long because it is meant to be basic ambience, and I am working on a part 2.


Finally for those of you who would like to hear more here is my most complex one, I don’t have a mod wheel on my electric keyboard so you actually hear me modify it on the fly when recording within the software on my laptop at the time. This is a much earlier one and was recorded sometime in early 2019 but has some basic roots in 2018 and I just remastered in 2020 and cleaned up a few errors.

It is called “Reaper” and has a darker tone to it. I really love recording in E flat major but I usually play D as a non-flat so I get a bizarre sound to it and often do accidentals and swap into E minor as well in some. I believe this is one of them. Sorry for the sound quality this is just a low quality version I will be uploading a much better one.



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