Garage Music 2020 | tomggg – SUPERSTAR (feat. アンテナガール)(Batsu Remix)

▶Batsu’s Garage track from the album “Drink Jam” includes the song “SUPERSTAR (feat. アンテナガール)(Batsu Remix)”.
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“SUPERSTAR (feat. アンテナガール)(Batsu Remix)” by Batsu from album: Drink Jam
▶ Music by: Batsu
▶ Artwork drawn by: sarah
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+B -Batsu Remix- / Batsu

▶ Who is Batsu?
Batsu is the Japanese DJ and Music Producer based in west side Japan.
Not only acting as DJ in many venues, as a music producer, he had granted many songs to famous anime “Owarimonogatari” and “Kanon” and Japanese pop idols like “CY8ER”.

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▶What is Garage ?
UK garage, also known as UKG, is a genre of electronic music which originated in England in the early 1990s.
The genre blends styles such as garage house, R&B, jungle and dance-pop.
It usually features a percussive, shuffled 4/4 breakbeat rhythm with syncopated hi-hats, cymbals and snares, and sometimes includes irregular kick drum patterns.
Garage tracks also commonly feature ‘chopped up’ and time-stretched or pitch-shifted vocal samples complementing the underlying rhythmic structure at a tempo usually around 130 BPM.

▶What’s interlabel?
Interlabel is the virtual music label in Japan as a place you can release the music, find music, and as a place you can be someone’s favorite.
We introduce Japanese underground musics done by various artists in Japan.
Visit us:

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