Epic Celtic Music Mix – Most Powerful & Beautiful Celtic Music | Vol.1

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The Slanted Room:
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00:00:00 Tartalo Music – Battle for Camelot
00:04:51 Antti Martikainen – The King of the Highlands
00:13:02 Danny Rayel – The Celtic Princess
00:16:27 Antti Martikainen – The Era of Legends
00:22:25 Tartalo Music – Quest for Excalibur
00:25:08 Alex Mason – The Inspiration
00:32:13 Antti Martikainen – The God of Thunder
00:41:27 Tartalo Music – The Dark Age
00:46:20 Danny Rayel – King Arthur’s Inn
00:50:04 Antti Martikainen – Northland
00:56:59 Tartalo Music – Journey Through Aran
01:00:31 The Slanted Room – Plains of Hope
01:03:52 Antti Martikainen – Oceangate
01:12:11 Antti Martikainen – At the Journey’s End
01:21:01 Antti Martikainen – Faraway
01:32:04 Antti Martikainen – Folktale

Image : http://nocturnalquill.deviantart.com/art/Celtic-Wallpaper-289690237
Image by NocturnalQuill: http://nocturnalquill.deviantart.com/

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