How to keep making trash music videos in 2020…

I made this video in hopes of developing a systematic way to go about the the pre production phase in music videos. There is a ton of videos that show how to break down music videos and movies or short films. But, none of them go further than talking about a story board. Here, I want to show how to break down a song into its main components verse/hook/chorus so that you can organize your thoughts and make your video “better.” Songs usally follow a pattern and if you learn how to see that pattern you can become more clever with your visuals and save a lot of time during the shoot and feel more prepare for the shoot.

Problem 0:37 – 1:03
Examples of solution 1:04 – 2:03
Solution: 2:04 – 3:50
Recap 4:51

Something EP – Broke For Free
Night Owl – Broke For Free

This video was shot on the
Lens 23mm f/2.0:
SD Card Sony 256GB SD for 10bit:
Lav mic:
Lights HomeDepot 30$


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