Lösekes Blues Gang – Sweet as a Flower [Relaxing Blues Music 2020]

Listen to the new Blues Music ‘Sweet as a Flower’ by Lösekes Blues Gang, taken from the album Black Cat.
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Lösekes Blues Gang
Sweet as a flower Lyrics:

She was as sweet as a flower,
just starting to bloom
I knew I was in trouble
when she walked into the room
How could someone so young
know of love so soon?

She knew that I had seen her,
I saw her looking my way
I felt that I should answer,
then what should I say
Should I ask her to come with me
or forget and walk away?

She told me she was older,
but I knew she couldn’t be
She told me she was older,
I knew she couldn’t be
‘Cause her eyes made me remember the days
When I was young and free

It’s hard when you grow old
and you’re longing to be young
And if your song of innocence
is a story of your soul
You can sing it through the sunrise,
never to the setting sun.

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