WCape govt says it has a plan to deal consequences of COVID-19


CAPE TOWN – The Western Cape government says it has a plan to deal with, what it calls, the catastrophic consequences of COVID-19 and the lockdown.

During a special address to the provincial legislature, Premier Alan Winde released some details on how they intend to deal with poverty, crime, unemployment and gender-based violence.

There’s also a proposal to amend the Western Cape Liquor Act, which if passed, will hike the price of alcoholic drinks.

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More than 150,000 jobs will be lost this year, due to COVID-19 in the Western Cape.

The provincial government has come up with an emergency economic relief and recovery programme, aimed at creating almost 20,000 jobs.

But, it was the issue of alcohol to which Winde dedicated some extra time.

“We need to confront the fact that the Western Cape has a deadly relationship with alcohol, and that must be addressed, urgently.”

Winde says data shows, when alcohol was banned, during the hard lockdown, and subsequent restrictions, trauma cases in hospitals decreased.

When the restrictions were lifted, trauma cases increased.

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“We want to look seriously at pricing, specifically the price points of this cheap alcohol that causes so much trouble in our communities. We need to look at how we change that because we know that pricing changes consumption”, Winde said.

Winde says a priority for his government is to propose amendments to the Western Cape Liquor Act.

Including making it more expensive to buy alcoholic beverages with a higher alcohol percentage. 

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