New fusion music 2020 – Daydream by Quatrapuntal (with voice, cello, mandora & melodica)

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Turn on captions (CC) to see the lyrics.
New fusion music 2020 – Daydream by Quatrapuntal, performed by Polly Green (voice) and Chris Hirst (mandora & melodica) with James Halsey (cello)
This song was originally written as an instrumental around 2004, then revised as a song in 2018. The lyrics are about a lazy summer day when your mind wanders off into a daydream. Looking up at the birds high above, you imagine that you are with them, flying over the coast and looking down at the waves crashing into the rocks far below. This type of scenery surrounds us on the Isle of Wight where we live.

Musically, the song represents the very laid-back theme with its slow tempo and major key. The style is a fusion of various elements, each Quatrapuntal song has a different blend of influences. For quite a different mood and a winter themed song, see the video for Snowbound:

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This video was filmed by Michael Green and edited by Chris Hirst
© Quatrapuntal 2020

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