Uke vs Classical guitar


[need opinion]
from 2016, i wanted to learn a musical instrument
for most part i wanted to learn violin,
now im 20 and a university student and im finally committing to buy a instrument and play
i won’t be going to musical classes, and will be learning thru online mediums, + I don’t have any hobby, may be thjs will help me in my depression too

but im confused btw instrument to pick (as always)

1) Ukulele (i like this cuz how warm sound it produces, + its portable and cute + super cheap, i will have to stretch my pocket a lil fir other options)

2) classical guitar ( considering this cuz uke have some limitations, guitars produces more full filled sound) but I dont like it cuz literally every other guy plays guitar (no offence but i wanted learn something different)

violin was first priority but it isnt easy to be self learned and it will take lots of time just to produce enjoyable sound)

Please help en choosing something, i just want to chill after a long day and stressful day and may be jam in our house party with roomies,
Note – i have a terrible voice so I can’t sing, i just want to play.



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