Is Logic Pro X worth the money?


I went to a music shop the other day to pick up a focusrite Scarlett interface and Shure sm57 mic, to replace a crappier older interface and mic.

The guys at the shop said it was likely because I was using Garageband as my main DAW that i was experiencing lower quality results

To which i responded with the fact that i was planning on upgrading to LPX as im now starting to get much more into music making.

They all told me basically that its a garbage program and only Ableton or Protools (500-1000 dollars fuck that) was going to give me the sound quality i want (close to professional as i can get in a home studio)

However everywhere i look Logic Pro X seems to be spoken of highly and widely used..

Im using an electric Midi drum kit, electric and acoustic guitar, and a bass.. as well as some vocals..

So what do you guys think? Is Logic Pro X really a shit program? Or is it worth the 200 dollar investment to improve quality? Do different DAWs improve quality? Or do they just improve your ability to improve quality?

Also does anyone know what makes DAWs like ableton, or protools so damn expensive?

What features do i get on LPX that i cant have on the free version (Garageband)

Any help would be appreciated, thanks


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